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New Star Soccer 5 tour!

Get ready for the most fun you've ever had in a football game! Yes, New Star Soccer 5 is here and you can play it today! So what makes this the best New Star Soccer game yet? Let's take a little tour...

1. Your career kicks off the moment you have set up your details
and take a trial at your chosen club...


2. Do well and the boss may decide to put you in the first team,
so make sure you impress him on your debut!


3. Maybe a little booze before the match will calm your nerves
and help you bend it like Beckham...


4. As you move up the ranks and start earning ridiculous wages you can
begin to live the dream lifestyle of a professional footballer.
Just don't forget to prepare well for every match.


5. When those all-important goals come, make sure you enjoy your moment in
front of the cameras to increase your fame...


6. After your match you can study your stats and check the newspaper reports. Surely you deserve a 'Star Man' award for that performance!


7. But everyone knows that being a football superstar is much more than just scoring goals. It's about the money, the girls, the sensational headlines!


And that is just a small taste of what to expect from New Star Soccer 5. There just isn't enough space here to tell you about the online leaderboards, the dilemmas, the post-match interviews, the boss reports, the achievements, the hundreds of leagues, the international tournaments, the player of the year awards...

Just head over to Steam right now!