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"Play NSS in your leisure time and you'll find it taking on a 'just one more go' sort of addictiveness that one normally associates with Civilization." PocketTactics

"The best soccer career simulator since Champ Man" E4

"Just last week I found myself sitting up until 3am playing New Star Soccer and was completely unaware of the time." CSICON

"If you enjoy a good simulation game or are a soccer fan you need to pick this bad boy up." Android Games



"Dear everyone, get this game now. It's the business." - djflippy

"This is gaming crack! Great job!!" - BedroomBusinessman

"NSS is bloody great! Been playing on it all night." - gingerling

"It's the dogs b******. Love the way that YOU can actually change the course of the game by passing and of course shooting in the actual match as well as the text commentary. Been playing it last couple of hours and well, back to it." - Toad In The Hole

"Great GREAT Game, its become my new OCD thing." - trundley

"This game is seriously one of the most fun games I've played on my iPod in a while (I'm hooked)" - oooooomonkey

"Addictive. It's like playing a kairosoft game but you actually get to try and pass or score or intercept the ball to better your stats and score. Very tense and thus fun. Best buck I've spent in awhile." - Tastyfish

"I think this could be my iOS game of the year so far (as much as I love(d) Fairway Solitaire). It's absolutely perfect for the platform and fiendishly addictive, playable for a couple of minutes here and there or (more often) for hours on end - exactly what you want in an iOS game." - SomethingWitty

"I've not been this addicted to an iOS game, probably ever! Great job!" - Timmo

"This is actually my favourite game at the moment. Brilliant game. It's so addictive." - Zemar

"I spent 4-5 hours on the iOS one last night for the iPad and it is great. Just picked up the Android one too for my phone to play on the go." - br0pbr0p

"My friends all laughed at the idea of a turn-based soccer RPG, but it has sucked me in entirely. Fun, fast, simple but challenging." - Keith

"This is what you want in a mobile app. Easy to play quickly, but the career mode also brings great depth. So, it's engrossing enough to play a quick game or to stare at the phone for hours." - Eric

"Well worth the price, much needed footy career game on android! Buy buy buy!" - Tom

"Have played for years on PC have to say I think the match engine is best yet. Best footie game I've ever played." - Liam

"It's like having NSS3 distilled to a pocket version. Do watch the video, so you don't come here with the wrong expectations - and then, just relax and have a great time!" - Paulo Tavares

"This is keeping me away from my beloved FIFA12 on the PS3! Highly recommended." - FP